An office fit out is the kind of project that can reinvigorate a workplace, provide a real boost to staff morale and make daily working processes and systems far more efficient. Whatever your reasons for considering an office fit out it’s key to work with an office fit out company that will be able to deliver on all your aims, no matter what they might be. Not all office fit out companies are the same and choosing the wrong one can make the project a lot more difficult than it needs to be. To make sure you don’t end up with a bad fit, here are a few tips on how to choose the right one.

Look for reviews

When you’re choosing between office fit out companies, many have great websites and well written sales pitches but the best way to see what kind of organisation you’re dealing with is to look at what their clients actually think of them. Whether you use an online search engine to track down opinions on the companies you’re considering, or these are displayed on the business website, it can provide useful insight into what you’re likely to experience if you opt for that organisation. You can also ask for references.

Consider how you want to work

The easiest way to keep a project like this simple is to work with an office fit out company that takes a similar approach to you. Whether this is in the attitude to structuring the project overall or in terms of day-to-day working, it will be far easier to get the results that you want from a partnership with a similarly minded business. Probably the most important element here is the flexibility to accommodate your requests – if you find that the fit out company you’re in discussions with doesn’t respond well to your suggested way of working then that’s a clear indication that you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Don’t be pushed off course

A good office fit out company will be able to take your requirements and your budget and make them work. Although part of a the job of the fit out firm should be to make suggestions in terms of improvements based on their knowledge and experience, you should not come away from initial discussions feeling like you’re going to end up with an entirely different result from that which you had planned. Test your potential fit out company partners in terms of the suggestions they make so that you can see how much they get the concept, as well as whether they’re taking your ideas seriously.

What is on offer in terms of experience?

This is a very good question to ask when choosing an office fit out company, as the kinds of projects that have been undertaken before will give you an indicator of what the business is used to in terms of scale, timing, budgets and management. Of course you don’t have to choose an organisation with exactly the experience you’re looking for – sometimes the enthusiasm and fresh approach of a different background can have brilliant results – you just need to establish whether the project is within the scope of ability.

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