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In celebration of our teams passion for creating the space to do your best work… 

Today, we’re throwing open the doors and unveiling the hidden loves that drive our team on every project Spacio undertakes. Forget boring blueprints and predictable layouts – we’re talking about the unexpected elements and moments of joy that ignite our teams’ creative flames. 

We asked some of our members, one thing they love relating to Spacio here is what they had to say –  


Lili is one of our highly creative interior designers, who oversees the design and space planning of the spaces we create, from first brief all the way through to final plan. One thing Lili loves the most is dressing the projects she has worked on. She thoroughly enjoys staging the environment with quirky and cool design touches to get it ready for client handover. Here she is doing some final checks ahead of adding the finishing touches to a project we will soon be unveiling. 


Next up, operations Manager Marteen, who shared with us the thing she loved the most was the Assosia project we recently completed last year. More specifically Marteen oversaw the sourcing of the furniture and soft finishings. The orange and black sofa was something she was keen to add as it is her favourite colour scheme and perfectly matched the brands aesthetic. A little piece of her influence on this stunning fit out. 


Alexa is the latest addition to the Spacio team. She has joined the design team ready to work on all of our upcoming projects. Alexa has been familiarising herself with all the projects Spacio has created up until now, and the one she loves most is the Cambrionix office. Alexa wrote her dissertation on colour psychology, so it is no accident she picked one of our most colourful and vibrant spaces we’ve created to date!  


Paul, our seasoned property consultant with over half a century of experience under his belt, is in love with some of the beautiful buildings we have had the pleasure of transforming into new spaces. The established Warley Hill Business Park in Brentwood comprising 4 detached office buildings is a sought-after location for companies. Spacio have recently completed the fitting-out of all three floors in Jupiter House occupied by FRP, Industrial Chemicals Ltd and Medilink totaling 27,000 Sq ft 


Rob is another new member of the team and has hit the ground running as a client success manager in our Business Development Team. Rob loves working in the Spacio office. With all its bright colours, samples, and quirky characters. It is the most vibrant and dynamic office he has worked in himself and has particular appreciation for the bespoke artwork that adorns our Essex based Studio. 


Nick is one of our detail focused Site operatives. With boots on the ground, he is at the heart of transforming Spacios project from concept to creation. He highlighted that one of his favourite things is the process of preparing the shell, like spraying the ceilings in preparation of the fit out. We recently commissioned a ceiling spray in Greenmill, and Nick absolutely smashed it. There will be pictures and videos of that new space soon! 


Curtis is one of the first points of contact for a lot of our clients. He is there at the beginning of the relationship helping to qualify new customer. Curtis loves finding a new client that using his expertise he can tell is going to be an excellent project for Spacio to undertake.  


Stacey, our Client Success Manager, loves bringing clients on a journey, helping to brief the teams on the client vision and needs, as well as what they require for the space to truly deliver commercial success. She loves seeing the care and consideration that goes into every detail to ensure our team helps bring dreams into reality. 


Alex helps to lead the charge on our marketing activity. He is also responsible for making sure our clients get the Spacio experience through every aspect of digital outreach and promotion. With a keen eye for capturing the moment, Alex loves working with the production teams to create striking imagery and footage of the spaces we have created together with our clients. 


Our finance lead Maria, makes sure that everything financially behind the scenes is taken care of. Maria loves the impact she makes for our clients ensuring that they get the full Spacio support experience from invoicing and ordering with suppliers, to helping clients get the best deal possible on everything that fleshes out their dream workspace.  


The captain of the Spacio ship, our Founder Glen Dormer loves every aspect of the creative and design process come together. Collaborating with clients, their teams and suppliers to unite the strategy, and bring workplace visions to reality.  

Glen is also instrumental when a new client starts their Spacio journey, continuing to be involved in client projects to ensure their company objectives are being fully achieved. He is a change agent devoted to helping clients recognise and harness the shifting patterns of how they work whilst interpreting those shifts to create innovative designs.  

His pursuit of excellence is the foundation of our success and his passion for helping clients find the perfect strategy and solutions is felt by every member of the Spacio Team. 

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