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Spacio Explores the Future of Work at Workspace Design Show 2024

Yesterday three of our passionate Spacio colleagues had the opportunity to attend the Workspace Design Show 2024 at the Business Design Centre in London. Focused on crafting the future of workspaces, the event offered a glimpse into the latest trends and innovations shaping the way we work.

Lili, Alexa, and Marteen returned from the show brimming with inspiration and a wealth of knowledge about the evolving landscape of workspace design. Their insights will undoubtedly be valuable as we continue to create inspiring and functional workspaces for our clients at Spacio.

The vibrant hum of conversation, the buzz of creative energy – that’s the atmosphere our Spacio team encountered at the Workspace Design Show 2024 held at the Business Design Centre in London. Lili, Alexa, and Marteen, passionate about crafting inspiring workspaces, immersed themselves in the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of work.

The show was a testament to the growing emphasis on biophilia, integrating elements of nature into workspace design. From calming greenery to natural materials like wood and stone, the focus was on creating environments that promote well-being and foster a connection with the outdoors.

Sustainability also took centre stage, with many exhibitors showcasing eco-friendly materials and design practices. This focus on responsible design resonates deeply with Spacio’s commitment to creating workspaces that benefit both people and the planet.

Acoustics emerged as a key theme, with companies showcasing innovative solutions like printing directly onto acoustic materials. This marriage of functionality and aesthetics allows for sound absorption without compromising on design.

Flexibility reigned supreme, with a plethora of booths, movable room dividers, and adaptable furniture on display. These solutions cater to the evolving needs of modern workstyles, allowing for easy reconfiguration and fostering collaboration while respecting individual needs.

The design trends on display were a visual feast for the senses. Bold pops of pink added a touch of vibrancy, while earthy tones like terracotta, mustard, and green created a warm and inviting atmosphere, echoing the natural world.

Another eye-catching trend was the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor furniture, blurring the lines between workspaces and their surroundings. Additionally, the use of decorative panels and textures added depth and visual interest to the showcased environments.


The Spacio team was particularly impressed by several exhibitors:

Pedrali: Their focus on indoor-outdoor furniture, the clever use of colour, and the diverse materials they employed offered a glimpse into the future of adaptable workspaces.

Hitch Mylius: Their modular soft seating solutions, particularly the playful colour-blocked sofa, sparked ideas for creating vibrant and comfortable collaboration areas.

Ezo board: Their printed acoustic boards were a real showstopper. Offering both sound absorption and a visually captivating aesthetic, they represent a significant advancement in acoustic design.

The knowledge gleaned at the Workspace Design Show 2024 is just the beginning. At Spacio, we are committed to translating these insights into tangible action. We are eager to explore the possibilities of biophilic design, implement innovative acoustic solutions, and incorporate the latest trends in a way that fosters collaboration, creativity, and well-being for our clients.

We believe in creating workspaces that inspire, support, and empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential. So, if you’re looking to transform your workspace into a hub of innovation and productivity, stay connected with Spacio as we translate the future of work into your reality.  

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