Spacio Talks: Modern Office Must Haves

Modern offices are helping to keep staff happy and productive.  With the modern world forever evolving, make sure your office space keeps up with the millennial way of working.

We have pulled together what we believe to be the top must haves for a modern office.

Modern floor plan and design 

A modern office with innovative elements will attract young professionals. The demand for staff to be more adaptable and flexible is bigger than ever, therefore the demand for the office to be the same is only natural.

Furniture that is multifunctional designed with flexibility in mind, will allow your employees to work across different spaces in the office and be productive each day. 

Break out areas

Create that office ‘buzz’ and have a breakout area where staff can relax, have breaks and mix socially with their colleagues. Not only do they boost morale and employee creativity, but can contribute towards staff retention. 

To find out more on leisure areas within the workplace, check out our blog Spacio Talks: Office Leisure Areas | Spacio


A well set up office helps your employees work smarter, more efficient, and faster. 

The modern office should be adaptable to accommodate staff moving around, giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.  Opting for laptops instead of desktops, having power outlets readily available around the office, screens for presentations, wireless charging stations, smartboards, and anything else that is necessary to facilitate smart working.  Meeting rooms set up for webinars and video conferencing make life easier for your employees.

Understanding the needs of your staff is key to designing the workspace. Talk to them and understand their habits and requirements and you’ll soon discover exactly what will create a positive attitude and get the best from them. 

Wellness rooms 

Health and wellbeing are very important and keeping your staff healthy should be a top priority. Introducing yoga or having a dedicated exercise room will boost positivity and helps to reduce sickness days. 

Nature indoors 

Bringing the outdoors in can be done in many nice ways, integrating nature into the workplace can create a stress-free environment.

Living walls are a very popular feature in modern offices, as well as adding a striking feature to your office, they make the air more breathable, healthier and help filter out harmful toxins.