The advantages of having design that works specifically for your business

For many businesses an office fit out is something that is often left very much to the last minute, until the point arrives when it is painfully obvious that something needs to be done. Whether this manifests itself as unhappy staff, comments from competitors or just a sudden realisation that the workspace you have isn’t working for the business, it can add to the pressure that many organisations are already under, particularly where there is a sense of an office refurbishment now being time critical. A better solution is to avoid reaching this crisis point with your office space and instead considering an office refurbishment well in advance – there are some considerable advantages to having design that works specifically for your business that more than justify the investment.

You can correct existing issues – every business is different and what is a problem for one organisation won’t be for another. If you have noticed that certain elements of your office design have been an irritation or annoyance for some time then this is the ideal time to correct them. An office refurbishment that is specifically tailored to your business – rather than delivered as a more generic refurbishment – can help you leave behind problems such as poor use of space, tacky design schemes or a lack of storage so that they are no longer holding you back. It’s also important to make sure that your office complies with health and safety legislation and environment impact reduction requirements and all this can be incorporated into the office refurbishment plans to bring your premises right up to date.

You can bring new energy to your workspace – it’s amazing the effect that the design and quality of a workplace has on employees. There have been numerous academic studies conducted on the way in which factors like productivity and employee satisfaction can be boosted and the environment in which staff are working always comes high on the list as a significant factor in this. The condition of a workplace can be critical in employees keeping or accepting jobs and can impact on areas such as absenteeism and performance, which in turn have a significant effect on the business’ bottom line. If you’ve had a sense that your workforce might be suffering somewhat from a lack of motivation then an office refurbishment is an effective way to inject some enthusiasm.

You can accommodate change – when changes occur in a business, whether downsizing, increasing staff numbers, adding facilities or introducing new policies, such as a ‘green’ policy, often the office workspace is simply expected to adapt. This can result in a chaotic feel to an office, space organisation that doesn’t make sense and a sense that opportunities are being missed to introduce efficiencies. If you’re considering a big change then a better approach is to plan for an office refurbishment that will reflect and accommodate that change, ensuring it is reflected across the workspace, and helping to ensure that it can be effectively implemented and supported.

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