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Tessi is France’s leading provider of document automation solutions, payment systems, gold and currency transactions and promotional marketing.  The company has over 3000 employees and is listed on the European stock exchange.


Our Paris office were commissioned to carry out the design and fit-out of one of their French offices and came up with a colourful design which aligned with the company brand perfectly. The new office design was based around a bright and impactful Pink, orange and purple colour scheme that was tastefully weaved through each of the rooms.


The end result was very well received and takes visitors and staff on a vibrant journey of colour and is a working example of the powerful positive effect that colours and environment can have on our day to day work life.

Sq ft


Weeks to complete





“Colours can have a huge affect on mood, behaviour and stress levels in the workplace. The old adage that ‘happy staff are productive staff’ is more relevant today than at any other time in the past. Choosing the right colour palette for your design can make all the difference to staff morale and overall wellbeing. This project is a really nice example of using colour to create spaces that are inspire.” 

Toby Davis 







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